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A commander in SDF: our aim is liberating al-Raqqa


AL-RAQQA- A commander in the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) stated that teams related to their forces are supervising the civilians’ evacuation from areas of clashes in addition to insuring safety for them. Moreover, the commander called for all media outlets to visit the fronts.

The commander in SDF Luqman Khalil stated in a statement was obtained by Hawar news agency that SDF aim to liberate al-Raqqa city and deliver it to its people in order to manage their affairs.

Khalil said “SDF fighters have broken into al-Raqqa city this month within another campaign to liberate the city. In the beginning we bow to all the martyrs who martyred during al-Raqqa battle and we wish the speedy recovery for our wounded.

Luqman Khalil Denied all what have been promoted by media about displacing people whether in the city or the countryside “our only aim is to liberate our country and people from terrorists, and we are here in al-Raqqa at the request of people. Moreover, our forces are dominating a big part of the city now”.

’IS emptied the villages and planted mines in civilians’ houses’

Khalil added “most of al-Raqqa and its villages’ houses were planted by mines and bombs, and the mercenaries established trenches and tunnels among the civilians’ houses. Moreover, IS mercenaries had announced al-Mushlab and al-Sina’a as military areas”.

’Our forces did not empty any village’

The commander Luqman Khalil assured that SDF did not empty any village in al-Raqqa, but many people were obliged to stay away from the areas where clashes are ongoing in. Khalil added “our fighters are carefully behaving and protecting the civilians’ houses and possessions from IS mines and bombs”.

’Keeping civilians away from areas of clashes is a moral duty’

Luqman Khalil also noted that SDF are combing the areas that are held by them to remove all the mines planted by IS. Luqman Khalil added “keeping the civilians away from areas of clashes is a moral duty, and we are careful to insure the civilians’ safety”.

’Specific teams trained to rescue the civilians and insure their safety’

Khalil assured “our forces carried out specific operations to liberate the civilians from IS violation, and our forces are continuing the campaign to liberated the city from terrorism and deliver it to the civilians”.

’All media can come to al-Raqqa’

The commander in SDF Luqman Khalil denied all the claims that some media promoted about the policy of displacing the civilians and changing the area’s demography. In addition, Luqman Khalil called for all media’s delegates to come to al-Raqqa and see what is going on in the city.