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A deal between the regime and the United Nations warns of disaster in the eastern al- Gauta

 NEWS DESK – Arab newspapers  have confirmed this morning that the forces of the regime deal with IS mercenaries in Albuakmal and pointed out that the regime’s line on Al-bukmal threatens the countries of the Arab region and America, while warned nations of a “complete disaster” facing the eastern  al- Ghouta.

The Arab press published this morning the latest developments in the field witnessed by Syria, and in this context, the newspaper al Quds -al Arabi “organization” the state “lose the most prominent strongholds in Deir-ez-Zor and al- Hassake in favor of”  SDF”and the regime,” The newspaper said that the regime’s forces backed by foreign militias dominated al-Bukamal City  east of Deir-ez-Zor , while theSyrian Democratic Force have liberated Marcada town  in the countryside of al-Hasaka province, the last stronghold of IS mercenaries in al-Hasakah.

Al _Hayat News paper said

“The  Uniformed Syrian  and their allies dominated  al-Bukamal after the withdrawal of “Da’ash,” “Syrian forces and their allies took control of the town of al-Bu Kamal near the Iraqi border in the east of the country. Euphrates River in Syria and Iraq. The control came after the withdrawal of the remaining elements of the organization in the city, to the areas of control in the eastern countryside of Deir-ez Zor , after the opening of a corridor by the militants loyal to the regime.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper also referred to the same subject and wrote about the deal that took place between  IS mercenaries and the regime’s regime and called “a deal” with the regime to ”   Syrian democratic.” The Syrian regime and its allies reached a deal with an organizating  the withdrawal of elements The organization from the border town of al-bukmal with Iraq without resistance, to the eastern countryside of Deir-ez‑Zor , where fighting rages between the «Dahesh» and fighters «Syrian Democratic forces». “The recent deal between the regime and the organization” is only part of deals started in Qalamoun, completed in the city of Deir-ez-Zor and al-Madaen, and up to al-BuKamal, “spokesman Mustafa Bali told Asharq Al-Awsat.

“The control of the Syrian regime and its support for Iran is a qualitative development not only in terms of the war against the organization of the Islamic state, but also in the direction of the Islamic state,” the newspaper said. The focus of the components of the Shiite crescent, which Iran has long sought to establish to extend its influence from Iraq to Syria and Lebanon overlooking the Mediterranean Sea

“This development threatens not only the countries of the Arab region but also the United States, which will find itself facing a new setback after losing Iraq to Iran,” the paper quoted experts as saying.

In another Syrian case concerning the regime’s practices against civilians, al-Hayat wrote: “The United Nations warns of a” complete disaster “facing the eastern al- Ghouta.” The UN humanitarian adviser in Syria, Jan Egeland, called for the evacuation of 400,000 people trapped in The eastern region of al-Ghouta near Damascus faces a “total disaster”, as humanitarian aid is blocked, adding that hundreds of people need urgent medical evacuation. “

On the Iraqi issue, the London-based al-Arab newspaper reported that “Tehran is completing a strategic corridor from Baghdad to Beirut under the eye of Washington.” The Iraqi popular factions have turned a path the United States was trying to maintain on the border between Syria and Iraq, Without any significant American reaction. The US position raised question marks, after the Iranian militias were able to draw the first route of a strategic corridor, which Iran has long sought to extend from within Iranian territory to Lebanon.

“The Iraqi Central Bank is warning all banks with branches in Kurdistan to suspend their work in the region within a week, as part of the procedures to impose the federal authorities executive and control of state institutions, while the Kurds This decision, in addition to preventing international flights from landing at their airports, and closing the border crossings to neighboring countries, «collective punishment targeting the people».

“Saudi Arabia supports its judicial institution to take over the thorny corruption file,” the paper said. “Saudi King Salman ban Abdul- Aziz introduced changes to the judiciary that appeared to be closely related to the unprecedented crackdown on corruption recently  has launched by the kingdom. The royal family, government officials, businessmen and investors. “

Al-Quds al-Arabi newspaper referred to the recent arrests in Saudi Arabia under the so-called fight against corruption and called “the U.S State Department: Tillerson spoke to al-Jubair about the arrests in Saudi Arabia.” The newspaper quoted a State Department spokeswoman on Thursday that Minister Rex Tilerson spoke to his Saudi counterpart Adel al-Jubair on the situation in the Kingdom where a campaign against corruption led to the detention of dozens.

U.S State Department spokesman Heather Naort said the U.S embassy in Riyadh met Wednesday with Saad Hariri, who has been  resigned as prime minister in Saudi Arabia. Asked about reports of Hariri’s detention in Saudi Arabia, Naort  has refused to disclose the location of the meeting or make further statements about Hariri’s situation.