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A major IS headquarter found in al-Raqqa

AL-RAQQA– Interior Security Forces came across one of the biggest headquarters of IS in al-Raqqa which is used to booby-trap cars and make IEDs.REQA-NAVENDEKE-ESASI-YACETEYA ‫(1)‬

After IS defeat in al-Mansoura town, Internal Security Forces, in cooperation with the town’s people, came across one of the biggest booby-trapping headquarters in the western countryside of al-Raqqa where IEDs and bombed vehicles factories complex was found.

Al-Jomayli complex is a group of plastic, textile and rivets factories, this place has always intimidated al-Hora and al-Brouda villages after it was turned into a factory to make IEDs and bombed vehicles.

This complex was owned by an al-Raqqan family, but their absence was exploited by the mercenaries to carry out their criminal acts against civilians, the mercenaries have placed heavy machineries in the repositories behind the walls of these factories.

IS mercenaries would not protect the factories by militants in order to avoid drawing attention, and nobody was allowed to approach near it around 500 m. REQA-NAVENDEKE-ESASI-YACETEYA ‫(153158145)‬ ‫‬

An eyewitness, preferring anonymity, said that most mercenaries in the factories were foreigners, and sometimes explosions were heard.

The eye witness added that during al-Mansoura liberation campaign, global coalition warplanes destroyed all factories, when combed by SDF, no military machineries were found as IS gangs have moved them through a tunnel in al-Hora village.