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A manager in Star Conference martyred due to her wound

AFRIN- Fatima Suleiman, manager in Star Conference in Janders district, lost her life due to her severe wounds as the Turkish occupying army targeted her on the bordering village of Shadia.

After receiving medical treatment for 10 days in Avrin Hospital in the city of Afrin, doctors declared on Monday that Fatima Suleiman lost her life.

A protest was witnessed on the borders in Shadia village on November 10 after the Turkish occupying army tried to cut parts of Afrin canton, this protest was faced with bullets by the Turkish army wounding 8 protestors in the resistance.

Amongst the 8 protestors wounded was the manager in Star Conference in Janders district Fatima Suleiman, who was critically wounded.

Being attended for 10 days in the intensive care, doctors declared that she has lost her life on Monday.

Fatima is the fourth sister in a family to lose her life in the Kurdistan resistance, her sisters Fidan, Rumet, and Jahida also lost their lives in the nineties of the past century whilst confronting the Turkish occupation in Bakur Kurdistan.



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