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A map of SDF’s control in Al Raqqa

Al-Raqqa – A map published by the Hawar news agency for the first time shows the progress of the Syrian Democratic Forces in the city of Raqqa and the latest developments in addition to the points of engagement and clashes and the liberated neighborhoods till this moment, with places where the mercenaries are besieged in the center of the city.

Eighty days later after the campaign to liberate the city of al-Raqqa and its trapped population from mercenaries was launched as part of the fourth phase of the campaign of Wrath of the Euphrates to liberate the entire region of al-Raqqa, with the progress of fighters and fighters in Syrian Democratic Forces to free more civilians and neighborhoods from mercenaries and end the presence of the latter in the area as a whole.

The map published by our agency shows the liberation of 14 neighborhoods in the city: Al-Sabahia, Qadisiya, Huteen, Romaniyah and Yarmouk in the western and north-western parts of the city, and the neighborhoods of Nazlat Shehadeh and Hisham bin Abdul Malik in the southern part of the city. While in the eastern part of the city and in the old city of Al Raqqa neighborhoods are” al-Mushlab, al-Sinaa, al-Batani, al-Rasheed, al-Rafiqa, and al-Muhdi”.

The neighborhoods that are witnessing violent clashes are the neighborhoods of “Diriyah, al-Barid and Nahdha” in the west, and al-Morour and al-Thukna south, and Mansour east, al-Rowda and Ramli in the north-east. In conjunction with these clashes, the special forces to dismantle the mines are conducting extensive sweeps in search of mines and tunnels in the neighborhoods liberated to open roads to free the civilians from the points of engagement to safe places

According to the latest statement by the official spokesman of the room of operations of Wrath the Euphrates Jihan Sheikh Ahmed, 60% of the city has been liberated and progress is continuing well to liberate the remaining neighborhoods in addition to the liberation of thousands of civilians stranded in a

siege encircling the city center.

On the progress of the fighting until these moments, a leading source in the Syrian Democratic Forces told the agency that “with the arrival of fighting to the Thukna, Mansour and al-Morour, the mission is getting more difficult because there is a large number of civilians being held by IS mercenaries who are afraid to leave these areas fearing being targeted or used as human shields. Adding that “our forces will be left with caution to avoid any danger that would harm the besieged civilians, and that their priorities will be the liberation of civilians, even if it is necessary to delay progress and liberate the city”.