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A march organized on Kurdish Language Day

AFRIN- The Democratic Society Education Committee organized a march in Rajo district in Afrin canton for the occasion of Kurdish Language Day that is on May 15, and hundreds of people of the district participated in the march.EFRIN-RECO-MES-HAT-REXISTIN-JI-BO-CEJNA-ZIMANE-DAYIKE (1)

Hundreds of people, the Democratic Community Movements representatives, Kurdish teachers in the district, the managers of the Democratic Society Education Committee in Afrin canton, Star conference and civil constitutions.

The participants held the pictures of the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocalan, banners with slogans that express the importance of the Kurdish language in people’s lives and that congratulate the Kurdish Language Day.

The march started from Rajo Dispensary and covered the main streets in the district amid chanting slogans that salute the Kurdish language.EFRIN-RECO-MES-HAT-REXISTIN-JI-BO-CEJNA-ZIMANE-DAYIKE (2)

The march ceased by Newroz square in the center of the canton as the masses stood a minute of silence. Then, the administrative of the Democratic Society Education Committee Zenab Çolaq congratulated the Kurdish people on their mother tongue day, and Zenab said that most of the revolutions were for the sake of language as language is the identity of peoples and they most protect it from extinction.

The member of Star congress coordinator Arin Rajo and the administration in the Democratic Community Movement in the district Khalil Hebbo congratulated the Kurdish people and the martyrs that were the lit of Knowledge and perspective revolution on the Kurdish Language Day. Moreover, Arin Rajo and Khalil Hebbo assured that the people who are stripped of language do not exist. In addition to that, all Rojava teachers are the future of the next generations who would preserve the Kurdish language.

The march ended by chanting slogans that salute the Kurdish language.