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A MSD delegate visits the Democratic Autonomy in Efrîn

EFRÎN- A delegate of the Syrian Democratic Council(MSD) visited yesterday the headquarter of the Democratic Autonomy in Efrîn to discuss a project of an initiative council of the federation in Rojava(North Syria).

The delegates were of the political body of MSD; Alaa Aldin Khalid, Jihan Mohammad, Ali Mahmoud, and Rawan Mohammad and were received by co-chairpersons of the executive council, Osman Sheik Issa and Hevi Mustafa.

The participants discussed the federation in Rojava and the emerging document from the conference held in March 17.

Hevi Mustafa, the co-chairperson of the executive council pointed out that the federation project proposed in March 17 was not a hasty decision, on the contrary, it is a successful project to save Syria from this crisis, though it was not regionally and internationally embraced .

Hevi added that” Our people found it the best solution to end the Syrian crisis in its sixth year, while it reached a deadlock despite of all meetings held”.

Alaa Adin Khalid, a member of MSD political body noted to the necessity of coordination towards a decentralized democratic Syria, where co-existence between the components prevails.

The participants also pointed to the deadlock in Geneva negotiations stressing that without MSD and the Democratic Autonomy’s participation, who truly represent the Syrians, it is impossible to reach a sound solution to the crisis.

The project of the federation was first rejected and criticized by everybody, just like the Democratic Autonomy declared in Rojava Cantons(Efrîn, Kobanî, and Cizîre), but it managed to prove its validity and successfulness.