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A new migrant camp to be opened in Manbij

MANBIJ – The charities in Rojava distributed aid packages to migrants in Manbij. The construction for a new migrant camp was also put to start.

The Manbij Relief Organization, Rojava Relief Organization and El-Mewedê Association provided migrants in the Eseliye and Farat area with food aid. It was stated that migrants in the neighbourhood of Hezawna will also be provided aid.EZIZ HISO

The Rojava Relief Organization member Eziz Hiso said that the aid package was distributed to migrants through coordination with four associations and that the distribution lasted for two days.

The Manbij Relief Organization Member Medina Xelî stated that a new camp for migrants will be built in the village of Resm El-Exder in Manbij, and that construction work has begun.

Medina Xelî called on international organizations to provide help to the displaced civilians in Manbij.