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A photo gallery showing YPG and YPJ resistance opened

AFRIN- Intellectuals Union in Shera district in Afrin canton opened a photo gallery for showing belligerent photos of YPG and YPJ.EFRIN-SERA-PESENGEHA-WENEYEN-LESKERI ‫(1)‬

Dozens of Shera district people, YPG, YPJ and Asayish being present as the gallery was opened with slogan” Knights of the East, Sons of the Sun”, Intellectuals Union in Shera district opened a gallery in the Meetings Hall in the district.

The gallery included about 60 photos which demonstrated the lives of the fighters in battlefields, the photos were taken by members of the Intellectuals Union and some other photographers in the canton.

The gallery opened, Intellectuals Union member Berivan Hamush delivered a speech saying” the aim of this gallery is making the resistance and struggle of those fighters known to the world, in addition, the soul of comradeship among fighters is another aspect.

In turn, the YPG commander Angin Murad said that the belligerent photos are a part and parcel of the struggle’s truth and the resistance of fighters in the battlefields.