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A Rojava representation to be opened in the Netherlands


NEWS DESK– A Rojava representation is going to be opened in the BENELUX states union (Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxemburg) after the legal procedures have been completed, and the headquarter of the representation will be in the Netherlands.

The legal procedures were consummated to open a new representation in Rojava, as BENELUX states union (Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxemburg) have granted an official license to open the representation there.

The opening ceremony will take place officially on Thursday, September 8.

Rojava representation in BENELUX Sherwan Hasan said to ANHA that procedures are done since two months.

Sherwan congratulated Rojava people for opening the representation and said I congratulate Rojava people with their different components particularly mothers of martyrs for this crucial step building more relations with the world noting” the headquarter will be in the Netherlands, and the opening ceremony will be held on September 8 on Thursday.

Political approving of the representation opening

Hasan confirmed that the official parties in the BENELUX states union and the Netherlands in particular have welcomed this step and expressed their support for the opening of Rojava representation and added” even before beginning with the legal procedures, the political parties and Dutch parliament have already welcomed this crucial step”.

Hasan pointed out” this is a crucial diplomatic step on building more relations and possible agreements in the name of Rojava, in order to recognize the federal project in Rojava and north Syria in the future.

BENELUX is an economic union between three kingdoms in western Europe which includes Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, and the accord was signed between them in London during WWII, and was activated in 1947 and lasted till 1960 and transformed later into an economical union.

BENELUX is considered the corner stone of the EU since it is the 1st union between EU states.