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A specialist in Islamic law comments on Turkish occupation destroying martyrs’ shrines


ALEPPO- The specialist in Islamic law and official spokesman of Syrian Democratic Council (Aleppo Office) Yahiya Mahmud, described the destruction of the shrines of the martyrs by Turkish occupation authorities as the immoral acts and completely contrary to what is stated in the Koran and Hadith.

Our agency ANHA held a meeting with the Spokesman of Syrian Democratic Council (Aleppo Office), in which he referred to the legitimate and customary rule of this process, which he described as brutal and immoral acts.

Mahmud said in his speech, ” we have seen in the recent period of attacks by Turkish occupation army on the graves of the martyrs, where they brought corruption to it, if we come to the subject from the humanitarian point of view, it is contrary to all laws and customs and ethics.

The spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Council (Yahiya Mahmud), concluded by saying: “We conclude from these actions the extent of the Turkish government’s fear of resisting the Kurdish people and even its martyrs in their graves.

Yahiya Mahmud ended by calling on the people to rise up against the policies of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) government and achieve justice and true democracy in Bakur (north) of Kurdistan.

Yahiya Mahmud is a graduate of the University of Aleppo and holds a certificate of Islamic law. He serves as an official speaker of the Syrian Democratic Council (Aleppo office) and supervises the Bureau of the confluence of the religion related to the Democratic Council of Syria.