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A Syrian delegation to visit Ankara

NEWS DESK– some Arabic reports state that a Syrian security delegation will be heading to Ankara in the coming days, to discuss the Kurdish progress in the Syrian north.

Muhamad Balout said in an article in Safeer newspaper today that some Arabic sources stated that a Syrian delegation is expected to visit Ankara to discuss the Kurdish progress in the Syrian north, and reviving the cooperation according to Adana agreement signed by both parties since 1998.

The writer also noted that the Turkish intelligence is amassing the remains of the Free Army in the area of Qerqamish neighboring Jarablos in preparation for entering the city.

The head of the Kurdish Democratic party Masoud Barzani paid Ankara a visit yesterday and met the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and discussed the progress the Kurds have made in the Syrian north, and sought means to handicap the democratic federation in Rojava.

Relevantly, the Turkish army has been shelling Jarablos city with the artillery since 4 days, and warplanes have started today bombarding the city, as the Turkish MIT is preparing to send mercenaries affilialted to it to Jarablos, and ordering IS to get out of the city towards Raqa and Bab which has been actually implemented on the ground.