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A Syrian opponent rules out Astana success without Kurds


NEWS DESK- The Syria opponent Riyadh Dirar described Astana meeting as “interests meeting”, and ruled out achieving success while Kurds and SDF are excluded from it. Dirar considered the Turkish attitude of the meeting as handicapping the solution because it is based on broadening the rift between pro-Turkey and its opponents.  riyad-dirar1

How do you read Russia and Turkey attempts to hold a meeting for the regime and opposition in Astana?

Astana meeting is a meeting of interests rather than seeking a solution, if Astana meeting succeeded, new rules of war and politics will be put, where Astana is a tactical action to separate attitudes after Aleppo battle.

What is the significance of these meetings?

Astana meeting is based on Russia intention to draw fighters after Aleppo battle to accept negotiations, and make sure that those described as terrorists are decisively separated from the militants of Fatih al-Sham(Jabhit al-Nusra) and including them in the ring of fire in Idlib battle. Astana is a tactic Russia is following where many other issues are lying behind.

In your opinion, what parties might be taking part in Astana meeting?

All Syrian powers agree on Astana meeting aiming at having a part in the coming phase, all political powers are seeking today to hold allies to guarantee its participation in the meeting, but it is all coming back to Russian coordinator as taking part does not rely on eligibility, rather it depends on the Turkish or regional nomination.

Turkey points out that Kurds are not to join Astana meeting, what do you think?

Turkey is going too far in its intrusions which truly damage the Syrian political process to push Islamist groups’ absorb in the political process taking advantage of the Russian resilience, which will collide with the Iranian attitude and the Kurdish influential existence on the ground, so the Turkish attitude is hindering reaching a settlement for the crisis, because it rests on dividing the Syrian parties and broadening the rift between Turkey and its opponents.

While some Syrian components were excluded, will Astana meeting succeed?

Astana success is partial, and it will remain partial since the solution is in Geneva under world auspices, and excluding any component will undermine its significance which requires other rounds and so it is better to embrace all those involved in the political process.

Negotiation would not succeed if any party is excluded, SDF is a major party, and Kurds are an effective factor and influential factor in the outcome of any negotiations, and no solutions could be reached unless Kurds taking part.

As to ceasefire announced in Syria, it was breached as you know, the regime and the opposition are exchanging charges, amid this chaos will Astana get over?

Meanwhile, Breaching the truce by both parties aims at postponing Astana meeting and gaining profits supporting their attitude on the negotiation table, an influential and well-founded meeting is required, not only its success, regional powers at aiming at influencing the Russian coordinator in this round and gaining profits.