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A Turkish bombardment on al-Shahba caused the displacement of hundreds towards Afrin

AFRIN- 1,351 refugees from al-Shahba entered Afrin canton fleeing from the Turkish occupation army bombardment since Saturday.

According to the information of our agency in al-Shahba area, the Turkish occupation army and their mercenaries (Euphrates Shield) bombarded Qawl al-Sirouj village, and Tal Madiq village in al-Shahba areas using heavy artillery shelling on Saturday.

And a source stated that the Turkish warplanes raided several strikes on Tal Rahal village near al-Bab city that caused material losses of citizens’ possessions, while the amount of human losses is unknown.EFRIN-REWSA-BAB-U-KOJBER (1)

The administrative of the east crossing in Afrin canton Idenjudi of our agency stated that the displacement towards Afrin is continuous because of the Turkish occupation bombardment, whereas 866 refugees from al-Shahba areas entered the canton on Saturday, and 465 refugees entered on Sunday morning, and the number is increasing.

The administrative of the Office of displaced people and relief of the Commission of Social Affairs and Labor in Afrin canton Muhammad Hajji demanded international and relief organizations in a statement of our agency to provide aids for refugees in Robar and al-Shahba Camps who fled the bombardment of the Turkish occupation army and their mercenaries.

The displacement towards Afrin is continuing since 25 May, 2016, and the Commission of Social Affairs and Labor in the canton is receiving the refugees, and insuring shelters for them in Robar and al-Shahba Camps, despite the lack of possibilities available to it.