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A UN report refutes ethnic cleansing claims against SDF and YPG

NEWS DESK- A UN Human Rights Council report released on March 10th refuted all claims about ethnic cleansing operations carried out by People Protection Units or Syrian Democratic Forces.

Turkish occupation state keeps accusing YPG and SDF of carrying out ethnic cleansing against Arab communities in Manbij and Tishreen Dam regions.

The statement included:

91- “The presence of concealed bombs laid by ISIL justifies ordering the temporary displacement of civilians from the Tishreen Dam and Manbij areas, but only for such time required for SDF troops to take steps necessary to safeguard the security of civilians. Moreover, SDF authorities bore the responsibility to ensure that any temporary displacements were carried out in satisfactory conditions of shelter, hygiene, health, safety and nutrition, and that members of the same family were not separated. Displaced individuals did not receive adequate assistance from SDF or YPG authorities in this regard.

93- “Though allegations of “ethnic cleansing” continued to be received during the period under review, the Commission found no evidence to substantiate claims to YPG or SDF forces ever targeted Arab communities on the basis of ethnicity, nor that YPG cantonal authorities systematically sought to change the demographic composition of territories under their control through the commission of violations directed against any particular ethnic group”.


NY YPG û QSD'ê ti binpêkirin li Bakurê Sûrî nekirine NY YPG û QSD'ê ti binpêkirin li Bakurê Sûrî nekirine1