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A year since Qamishlo terror attack


QAMISHLO– in July 27, 2016, at 09:25, Qamishlo people opened their eyes on a truck explosion which hit their city leaving 58 martyrs most of them were women and children, also 3 members of Asayîş martyred, 177 people were wounded and massive damage was inflicted to civilians’ properties. QAMISLO-TEQINA-TAXA-XERBI1 ‫(152502785)‬ ‫‬

As soon as the explosion that destroyed 2 buildings on their residents’ heads leaving dozens of martyrs and wounded took place, ambulance cars, fire engines, Asayîş and civil teams rushed to pull out civilians stuck under the rubble, the wounded were taken to the city’s hospitals.

Due to the big number of the wounded and critical injuries, Qamishlo city’s hospitals sent appeals for donating blood; meantime, many people hurried to help.

The General Coordination of the Democratic Autonomous Administration in the three cantons (Cizîre, Kobanî, and Afrîn) declared mourning for 3 days for the martyrs’ souls of Qamishlo massacre.

Asayîş Forces’ general command allocated 200 m S.P to compensate people affected by the barbaric attack which targeted the Western Neighborhood of the city and each was given according to the mass of damage inflicted to their property. QAMISLO-TEQINA-TAXA-XERBI1 ‫(1)‬ ‫‬

In a clear indication of clinging to their land, Qamishlo people responded appropriately to IS mercenaries as they immediately reopened their shops and returned to their usual activities.

In July 29, 2016, 13 martyrs of Qamishlo massacre were bid farewell in solemn ceremonies where thousands of Cizîre canton people attended, to be buried then in the cemetery established by Martyrs’ Families Council.