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Abed al-Sattar Faisal: Turkey is trying to implement Turkish Milli charter project


NEWS DESK- Abed al-Sattar Faisal said that Turkey is trying to implement” Turkish Mili charter project” through attacks on Afrin, stressing that the Turkish attacks targeted all the Syrian people and not only the Kurdish.

The member of Political Body of Democratic Syria Council Abed al-Sattar Faisal in Hama province said “We have to know that the war in northern Syria is a Turkish Syria and not a Turkish Kurdish, so it is unreasonable for the Syrians to receive the invading Turkish forces with flowers, because it is related to the national sovereignty of all Syrians. “

Faisal pointed out that this conflict is old, rooted in the ill-fated Sykes-Picot agreement

Faisal pointed out that in 1920 Turkey recognized what it called “the Turkish National Charter” and claimed its right to participate in the self-determination of the areas of Aleppo. According to this charter, these areas are considered as belonging to the Turkish state and what it dreams of, Afrin stands in the way of achieving the old Turkish dream by taking part of Syrian land and realizing its Ottoman dream. “

Faisal noted that the project in Afrin is not separatist. “It is not understood by some Syrians who call for the opposition and it is understood to be a separatist state, but they should know that Afrin is the one who obstructs the realization of the Ottoman dream, And Turkey’s mercenaries. “

He called for activating and supporting the Liberation Front of the Iskenderun Brigade to move the battle into the Brigade “Let us all work for a better future for a free, unified and pluralistic democratic Syria.”.