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Abeer; a child’s story of four-year enslavement by IS



AIN ISSA- The child Abeer Swied from al-Raqqa was kidnapped by IS mercenaries for 4 years when she was 11 years old. Abeer has been liberated by the fighters of Syrian Democratic Force (SDF), Abeer now wants to see her family and hopes that all women and children will be released from IS mercenaries.

Four years ago, Abeer kidnapped, enslaved, IS gangs sent a video showing Abeer and an IS Uzbek mercenary claiming that “the Islamic state is remaining”. He also says that Abeer had become a possession to the Islamic state.

The IS mercenary, Khair Uzbeki, known as the Abu-Zel al-Uzbeki kept the girl Abeer. This IS mercenary came from Afghanistan and joined IS mercenaries.

With the launching of the campaign to liberate the city of al- Raqqa launched by the Syrian Democratic Forces, Abeer sought to escape from IS mercenaries. Abeer, who is now 15 years old was able to escape with one of the families and reached to the positions of the Syrian Democratic Forces and she is living with a family in Ain Issa camp for refugees.

Abeer, who was forcibly separated from her family four years ago, spoke about her life conditions during her staying with an IS mercenary “I was staying with an Uzbek IS mercenary. I have stayed with him for a month, and after the month was over, Ali married me adding to his wives a fourth one even though he was already married to four women! He would torture us and beat us constantly. He used me as a slave. He beats me every day, not a day went by without being beaten. “

“I tried to survive”

Abeer says she tried several times to escape from IS mercenaries, but her attempts failed. “I want to join the security forces so that I can live freely and participate in the emancipation of women,” said Abeer, now 15, who has expressed her hopes for the liberation of all women and children from mercenaries. Now I am living in the refugees’ camp and I want to see my parents whom have not met for 4 years.

Abeer also said that she hoped that all kidnapped women would be emancipated from IS mercenaries. She also thanked Syrian Democratic Forces and demanded that she joins the Asayîş forces to live a free, dignified life and be able to see her family again.