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Abu al-Khasheb’s displaced persons: Afrin’s resistance would prevail, Erdogan would defeat



AL-RAQQA-The displaced people of Abu al-Khasheb camp in Deir ez-Zor confirmed that they reject any aggression on their land that was liberated by the blood of their martyrs, pointing out that they are ready to stand with the people of Afrin against the Turkish occupation and Afrin will prevail.

The reactions of the components of the north Syria continue to be rejected, as the Turkish occupation continues its attacks on Afrin and its surroundings since 20 January.

The correspondent of our agency met with the displaced people of the Deir ez-Zor camp, which expressed their refusal to intervene by the occupiers of Syrian land.

Ahmed al-Sheikh said: “We reject any blatant aggression on the territory of Syria, especially in the Syrian north, which was liberated by the blood of the martyrs of Syria’s Democratic Forces. “

Haidar Mohammed from the camp of Abu al-Khasheb noted that the youth of the camp are ready to stand with our people in Afrin against the Turkish occupation and that Afrin will prevail.

The citizen Em Mohammed said “We reject the Turkish occupation in all its forms. Erdogan’s grandfathers, the Ottomans, destroyed Syria and spread corruption. Today, however, he will be defeated .”

The young woman Heba Abdullah denounced the Turkish attacks on Afrin and said that the resistance of Afrin will prevail and will defeat Erdogan and his army and all of us with our people in Afrin in the face of the Turkish aggression