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Abu Khawla: IS Mercenaries on verge of defeat


DEIR_EZ_ZOR_ The commander-in-chief of the Deir –ez-Zor Military Council Ahmed Abu Khawla said that their forces besieged IS mercenaries in the countryside of Deir-ez-Zor stressing that IS mercenaries are on the verge of defeat.

The campaign of “al-Jazeera Tempest” which was launched on September 9 by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are continuing their advancing and have liberated many towns, hamlets and villages, dealing strong blows to IS gangs

Commander-in-chief of the Deir –ez-Zor Military Council Ahmed Abu Khawla said that their forces have advanced on two axes, the Abu Fas axis and the Abu-Khashab axis towards the Industrial City where the fighters were able to liberate the Industrial City in addition to a number of sites, villages and strategic hamlets, reaching Sor town thus destabilizing the mercenaries’ sites, as they have caused heavy losses, and said that IS mercenaries have been on the verge of defeat.

Abu Khawla pointed out that Syrian Democratic Forces had turned towards Shayad and Anadd axes to besiege IS mercenaries in the town of Mercada to liberate the area as soon as possible. Thus, Syrian Democratic Forces are only three kilometers from the town of Mercada.

Abu Khawla pointed out that Syrian Democratic Forces follow a plan to besiege every area where IS mercenaries are present and thus isolate the areas from each other, IS mercenaries have been forced to resort to suicide bombings, booby-trapped vehicles and planting mines, “but this will not obstacle the way the Syrian Democratic Forces’ progress.”

In his speech, Abu Khawla said that wherever they are freeing, they are opening safe corridors for civilians for their own safety and that they will be not hesitate to save civilians even if this leads to slow progressing.

Abu Khawla has also confirmed that dozens of young men and women in the liberated areas are joining the ranks of Deir –ez-Zor Military Council.

At the end of his speech, Ahmed Abu Khawla has appealed to the people of Deir–ez-Zor countryside to move away from the centers of IS mercenaries and they are moving through the safe corridors of the Syrian Democratic Forces to the liberated areas.