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Abu Khawla: Russian forces bombing our sites; a free service to IS


DEIR EZ-ZOR – The commander-in-chief of Deir ez-Zor Military Council’s forces Ahmed Abu Khawla said that Russia bombing their sites aims to block the progress of the Syrian Democratic Forces towards the Euphrates River, considering it “free service for IS mercenaries”.

In conjunction with the progress of ” al-Jazeera Tempest ” campaign led by Deir ez-Zor Military Council comprised under the Democratic Syrian Forces against IS mercenaries, 10,000 civilians have been liberated during the last week of the campaign, Russian aircraft yesterday bombed the positions of the Syrian Democratic Forces; Conico company for Gas northeast of Deir ez-Zor, which resulted in the martyrdom of a fighter and wounding two others.

The commander-in-chief of the military Deir ez-Zor council, Ahmed Abu Khawla, told the Hawar news agency that the Russian forces had attacked their forces for the second time and considered it an attempt to block the advance of their forces in defeating IS mercenaries from Deir ez-Zor area.

Abu Khawla said that they used their legitimate right to respond to sources of fire, adding “after the Russian planes and artillery shelled our sites, we responded equally to the sources of fire and used our legitimate right to defend ourselves,” he said.

The commander-in-chief of the military Deir ez-Zor council described these practices by the Russian forces, as their forces advanced to defeat out “terrorism” in the world, which is represented by IS as “free service for IS mercenaries.”

Abu Khawla added that such practices will not discourage them from continuing the campaign and defend their land and their families, and confirmed their determination to move forward until the liberation of last inch of the territory of north Syria.

It is noteworthy that this is the second time that the Russian forces bombed the positions of the Syrian Democratic forces in the countryside of Deir ez-Zor since the start of the campaign “al-Jazeera Tempest ” after the first attack was carried out by the Russian-Syrian aircrafts on September 16.