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ADYM launches a clean-up campaign in Manbij



MANBIJ – The Arabic Democratic Youth Movement in Manbij  continues its activities within the campaign of “Home, our homeland, liberation and our promise”.Where the movement began today a cleaning campaign in the city .MINBIC-DET-BI-HEMLEYA-PAQIJIYE1 ‫(166593028)‬ ‫‬

The youth in the city of Manbij today launched a campaign to clean and distribute publications in order to educate the people, especially shop owners, to preserve the appearance and cleanliness of the city in the context of the campaign “Homeland Is Ours and Liberation Is Our Promise.”

The co-chair of the Youth and Sports Committee in Manbij Muhsen al-Jassem, said that the campaign is continuing for three days and stressed the need for everyone to cooperate to achieve the best results.