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Afrin and Qamishlo people commemorate Helebçe Massacre

AFRIN-QAMISHLO- Afrin people canton in its different Sherawa, Shera, Bulbul, Rajo, Mobata, Shiyah, and Janders districts and the center of the city have held 5 minutes of silence commemorating Helebçe Massacre martyrs in its 29th anniversary, Martyrs Families Institution in Qamishlo city have also denounced this massacre in a statement.

Today is the 29th anniversary of Helebçe Massacre where the Iraqi Baathist regime launched an attack with chemicals on Helebçe city in Başûr Kurdistan, this crime was committed by a resolution released by the Iraqi president at that time Sadam al-Hussein.


Afrin canton people and members of the civil institutions, Autonomous Administration bodies, Executive Body of north Syria federation, communes’ members, political parties and boards have held a minute of silence and released statements.

Youth and Sport Body in Afrin canton released a statement on Helebçe Massacre, the statement pointed out that history witnessed a massacre that was committed against a people who struggled for a free and dignified life, martyrs were also commemorated in the 29th anniversary.

The Executive Body of the north Syria federation released a statement denouncing the Helebçe Massacre and recalled its martyrs, also noting to the recent happenings in Şengal which is a continuation of Helebçe Massacre scenario.



In the same context, the Martyrs Families Institution have commemorated in Qamishlo city the massacre martyrs in a statement read in Şehid Sarokhan cemetery.

The statement was read by Hevidar Hasan, a member of the Martyrs Families Institution.