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Afrin Asayîş arrest antiquities smugglers

AFRIN– Asayîş forces in Afrin canton in Afrin region seized a network of antiquities smugglers.ASAYIS-KESEN-KU-SUNWAR-DIDIZIN-U-DIFROSIN-GIRT1-1--300x200

According to the information center of the Asayîş forces in Afrin canton, Asayîş forces in Shara district, in coordination with Combating Organized Crime Office, arrested a network of three persons, they were smuggling and trading in antiquities trafficked.

The network consists of three individuals, A,A, D is 28-year-old , M, A, Sh is 25 and M,M, KH is 28.

Asayîş forces had set up a well-plotted plan to apprehend the network red-handed. The network was seized with a number of smuggled antiquities; 23 pieces of gems of different sizes and types, 6 antique black seals, gold ring, 4 different antique stones.

According to the media center, the members of this network have been transferred to the Public Prosecution to take appropriate action against them.