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Afrin Council’s co-chair, deputies elected

AFRIN- The members of Afrin districts’ councils swore the oath to do their duties to the fullest extent, they also elected a co-chair and deputies for Afrin Council during a meeting.EFRIN-HILBIJARTINA-HEVSEROKEN-MECLISA-EFRIN (4)

The Executive Body of Democratic North-Syria Federation Council in Afrin canton met the members of the councils of Afrin districts; Sherawa, Shera, Midankei, Mobata, and the two districts of Old Afrin and New Afrin in the hall of Culture and Art Center in Afrin city.

The meeting started with holding a minute of silence. Then, the member of the Executive Body of North-Syria Federation Rohlat Aref talked, “we have to be able to take responsibility, and be ready to do the duty in order to service the development of the society, in addition to helping the people as they also granted you the confidence by nominating you.”

Rohlat stressed during her speech on the necessity of standing the components of the area together without racism nor discrimination among the peoples, in addition to paying attention to everybody and accepting their ideas to form the future on the bases of affection and peace all over North Syria to be an example of the future Syria.

After that, the interior system of the communes and local councils’ works was read by the co-chair of the Executive Body in Afrin Hevy Mustafa.

Then, the members of the districts’ councils swore the oath to do their duty in the councils to the fullest extent serving the society, and each of Sultana Taher Hamoude and Ahmad Mahmoud Suleiman have been elected as a co-chair of Afrin area’s council, and Mustafa Kamal Hamoush and Heyat Saqqour were elected as deputies for them.