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Afrin people begin buying, selling firewood for the winter

AFRIN _ The people of Afrin canton have begun the process of buying and selling firewood to use as heating in light of the high prices of fuel in the canton, as many have taken wood as an alternative.EFRIN-FEROTINA-DARAN-JI-BO-ZIVISTAN1 (1)

By the end of the winter, the people of Afrin canton began buying and selling firewood and storing it for heating after a large group of residents in recent years abandoned the use of fuel to heat up their prices

For about a month, firewood traders have been buying firewood from farmers of all kinds and classifications, cutting them into pieces for ease of use in homes, and it continues until spring where there are several places for sale in the canton. the price of a kilogram of olive tree wood is 75 SP, the wood of apple tree, peaches and walnuts is 50 SP, while the price of kilogram of pomegranate wood is 45 SP.HISEN MENAN

According to merchant Hussein Manan from the neighborhood of Ashrafiyah in the center of Afrin, some owners of trees deliver firewood to the merchant’s for 35 SP per kilo, while some merchants decide to uproot the trees and deliver them from the fields themselves.

Manan pointed out that people are increasingly buying firewood as the winter approaches because the firewood is available at all times, unlike the fuel oil, which is pricy.