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Afrin receives 600 new displaced families

Afrin – Afrin province received more than 600 displaced families from various Syrian regions, and the families arrived today through the Qatma crossing in Shera district.EFRIN-600-KOCBER-GIHSTIN-EFRINE1 ‫(1)‬ ‫‬

Afrin region is one of the most sought after areas of displaced people from various regions of Syria because of the intensification of the state of war and conflicts that Syria has been living for more than six years.

Afrin province receives hundreds of displaced people daily from the daily conflict, mostly women and children. In this context, 600 displaced families with more than 1,500 people arrived in the province from the Qatma crossing in Shara district.MIHEMED HESEN

The administrative at the Qatma village crossing, Mohammed Hussein, said that in the Asayish forces they took all security measures to maintain the security of the province and to avoid the crossing of terrorists to the lands of the province, in addition to providing   traffic facilities for the displaced.