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Afrin region schools opened

AFRIN- Afrin region schools are opened receiving 2018 session of primary, preparatory and secondary stages after the summer holiday ended.EFRIN-DISPIKIRNA-DIBESTANA-LI-EQLEME-EFRIN (1)

Thousands of students flocked towards primary, preparatory and secondary schools on Sunday morning in Afrin and al-Shahba cantons amid a feeling of pleasure and happiness spread among the students.

Afrin canton

In Afrin canton, 316 schools received 43,000 students, and Democratic Society Training Committee opened many closed schools in the border villages because of the Turkish occupation’s bombardment, and the students would study the curriculum in their mother language, and according to the Education Committee’s curriculum of the Democratic Society in the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA). EFRIN-DISPIKIRNA-DIBESTANA-LI-EQLEME-EFRIN (7)

Al-Shahba canton

24 schools in al-Shahba canton in Afrin region opened on Sunday morning amid a feeling of pleasure among the students receiving the new session after 3 years of interruption in the result of destroying their schools because of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries’ bombardment on the area.