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Afrin ‘s lawyers: silence of world’s jurists violates international laws



AFRIN- A number of lawyers in Afrin canton said that the aggression of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries reached a level that is considered a violation of international humanitarian law, and called on the jurists of the world to do their duty and to respond to legal violations of Turkey.

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries, with the knowledge of international countries, continue to launch the heaviest attacks  by planes and heavy weapons, targeting civilians and their property. ANHA has met with a number of Afrin’s jurists to explain the violations from the legal side.


The lawyer Ibrahim Bilal said “More than 20 days after the blatant Turkish attack targeting civilians, it is monitored by every competent and non-competent eye and eyewitnesses who document the violations of the Turkish occupation.”

Bilal said: “Afrin and during the seven years of the Syrian crisis was known to be safe areas and received hundreds of thousands of displaced persons fleeing the brutality of IS mercenaries ,the Baathist regime and the bombing of Russian aircraft.”

Bilal demanded that the lawyers and the jurists of the world to show a legal reaction to Turkey’s illegal violations. “We, as parents, adhere to the land of Afrin, and we are sure that our will is victorious.”


For his part ,the lawyer Fawzi Sheikho said that Afrin is a safe area and the Turkish occupation army with its warplanes wants to spread chaos and terror in the hearts of the people of the region, and pointed out that the attacks of Turkey comes in the context of the intervention of the occupation in the Syrian crisis.

He pointed out that, in legal terms, the Turkish attacks are considered an overwhelming violation of the sovereignty of a homeland by interfering in its internal affairs and the violation is prohibited to international law, and called on all international institutions concerned with the legal issue to stop attacks to maintain the laws they issued.


The co-chair of Social Justice Council Avin Haj Hamo said “The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries continue to violate human and racial rights by targeting the civilians and their private property.”