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Afrin university opens its doors

AFRIN- The University of Afrin today opened its doors to 525 students, announcing the start of the new session 2018/2017. The students described the importance of the university and said ” it represents the corner stone of the democratic society”EERIN-VEKIRINA-ZANINGEHE (2)

The students expressed their clinging to their canton and confirmed that they will continue to progress in the university to carry out their duties to develop the society.

The University of Afrin today received students who are distributed in 6 faculties, namely, “Electromechanical and Agricultural Engineering faculties, Faculty of Human Medicine, Media, Kurdish Literature and Economics” to start university studies after the results of the trade-off.

The number of students accepted to the university for the first year reached 274 students, while the number of second and third year students reached to 251 students, and will begin lectures during the week after the organization of students in the halls.EERIN-VEKIRINA-ZANINGEHE (1)

It is worth noting that the University of Afrin was founded on June 14, 2015 in the possibilities of democratic Autonomous Administration, and it is one of the first universities that opened in Rojava.