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Afrin women call for world’s women to unite against violence on women


AFRIN – Women and young women of Afrin canton called for the world’s women to unite facing the violence practiced against women asserting that by their young souls, they will continue to struggle till all women would be freed from authoritarian mentality and violence.

Women in Afrin canton organized a massive march on Saturday, November 25 that coincides the International Day of Combating Violence against Women,  and thousands of Afrin women and men with all components took part together in this march. During the march, Hawar news agency held interviewed several women and young women  about the role young women in the struggle in order to limit the phenomenon of violence against women.


The head of the Culture and Art Body Berivan Shalvo said “as women, on this international day, we must limit the slavery that is practiced against women, and there are many female martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the sake of freedom. On this base, today, we say again no slavery, no forced marriage, no violence.”

“By virtue of the leader Abdullah Ocelan’s philosophy, we have been introduced to freedom’s meaning, and what does the freedom of women mean so that we demand the freedom of the leader because the freedom of the leader is the freedom of humanity and women. Our main objective is to resist until all our women would be gained their freedom,” she said.


The young women Oleen Abdu said “every women must exit and call on refusing the oppression practiced against women, and to follow the approach that was drawn by the leader Abdulla Ocelan as by virtue of him, women were able to get rid of violence.”


In her turn, the young women Rokan Bazito rejected the isolation imposed on the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocelan, and noted that as young women, they see that the isolation imposed on Ocalan is another form of violence practiced against women. Rokan continued “as Afrin young women, we will stand against this violence, and we will resist till the last drop of blood in our veins and by any means, we would not accept injustice from now on.”