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Afrin’s women affirm their steadfastness in face of occupation



AFRIN-The women of Afrin canton confirmed that they will escalate the struggle against the attacks of the Turkish occupation army on Afrin, expressing their steadfastness on the soil of Afrin.

This came during a survey of women’s opinions in the solemn demonstration that took place today in Afrin city, by ANHA agency ,where women indicated that they would not allow the occupation to expand.

The citizen Sadiqa Yoniss said “Today, we as women  we told Erdogan that we will not allow his army and mercenaries to move in the borders of Afrin, and continue the thought and philosophy of the leader Ocelan.”

A friend noted that as women who would take up arms and stand alongside the women’s protection units on the fronts, the land of Afrin is not a drink for any occupier, and its children are steadfast to protect the soil of their homeland to the last.

The sitizen Hanifa Arif said ” We will not be deterred by the attacks of the Turkish occupation army, we are now in the squares to teach the world that we will not surrender to air raids and missiles. “

In the same context, the citizen Fidan Rashid pointed out that it is the duty of the people of Afrin to defend their homeland with their fighters and the operation of “the olive branch “of occupation launched by Erdogan came to loot the wealth of the region, and the and complete the military plan to occupy the north of Syria.

She added “The people of Afrin, with all its components and sects, are awake in front of the conspiracies of the occupation. They will not allow Erdogan to take a single step in the dust of Afrin.”