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After a year and a half, 32 families returned to the village of Sheikh Issa

AL_SHABA- A batch of residents of the village of Sheikh Issa  have returned  to their home, after more than a year and a half of displacement due to clashes has happened in the region.


A year and a half ago, the village of Sheikh Issa, belonging to Tal- Rafat in the areas of al-Shahbaa, witnessed strong clashes between the People’s and Women’s Protection Units on the one hand and the mercenary  gangs of Turkey on the other,  people have forced to fled towards Afrin

Auotonomous Administsrtion have recieved the people and provide them shelter through construction of the Rupar and  al- Shabba camps in the Sherawo district

After a year and a half of displacement and securing the village by the People’s and Women’s Protection Units, 32 families returned to Sheikh Issa today, in cooperation and coordination with Asayish and Shahbaa Provincial Council.

With the return of their parents to their homes,   the happines appeared on their faces of the returnees, despite the physical damage have caused to their homes by the clashes that  erupted in the village.

In this context, the citizen, ( _)  she did not want be named has expressed her joy at returning home after more than a year of displacement, thanking the joint revolutionary forces for securing their villages and returning them safely to their homes.

(-) said that they were dreaming of returning to their village and thanks to the resistance and sacrifices of the revolutionary forces, they realized their dream, thanking the revolutionary forces for their efforts and hoping that they would expel all the mercenary gangs from the area who were the cause of their displacement.