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After South Kurdistan(KRG) closes border gates, thousands of Iraqis flow to Rojava 

Amûde- After South Kurdistan Government turned its back to the Iraqi refugees, thousands have flowed to Rojava.

Around 2700 refugees; almost 500 families have entered Alhol 20 km from Hesekê, while thousands more are waiting on the borderline, according to the Social Affairs Body in Cizîre Canton.

Mahmoud kiro, deputy co-chairman of the Social Affairs Body declared that the refugees, mostly from Almusil, were accommodated in a camp in Alhol area.

Kiro assured that despite difficulties and the siege on Rojava , it welcomes refugees and would not close its gates in such a humanitarian case.

In addition to that, Rojava areas suffer from a triangle siege where the Turkish State, ISIS, and the Kurdish Democratic Party put great pressure on Rojava especially after closing Sêmalka border crossing from KRG side.

Mahmoud kiro pointed that they do their best to satisfy the refugees’ needs, and provide them with basic requirements, and the security of the camp is maintained by public-security forces(Asayiş).

Kiro also called on all humanitarian organizations to provide aids to the refugees as soon as possible, and pointed that the refugees number might rise which will be a heavy burden on Rojava.