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After Turkish warnings parliamentarians confirm their support for resistance of age


AFRIN – The delegation of the parliament of Basur “South Kurdistan,” who arrived on Sunday evening to Afrin, warned the Turkish consul in Hewler not to support the resistance of age in Afrin. They said they were obliged to support cantons in Rojava according to the laws of Parliament. , And noted that their support will not be limited to political and moral only, during a press conference.

The next parliamentary delegation was held in Basur, Kurdistan, which includes representatives of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (DKP), the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, the Islamic Union, the Movement for Change, the Communist Party.

The press conference was held in Autonomous Administration in Afrin city in the presence of the co –chair of the Executive Council, Hefi Mustafa and Othman Sheikh Issa, the co-chair of the Democratic Union Party (DUP), Aisha Hasso, the co-chair of the Legislative Council Mohammed Saeed, the co-chair of the Afrin canton council Mustafa Hassan, Hanan, Foreign Minister Suleiman Jaffar, and journalists from various media outlets.

The co-chair of the executive council of Afrin canton Hefi Mustafa welcomed the parliamentary delegation at the beginning of the conference and noted that the resistance of Afrin lies in history amid the resistance of its children to all heavy weapons and warplanes by the Turkish occupation army.


Hefi pointed out that the visit of the parliamentary delegation from Basur Kurdistan has proved to the world that the people are not alone in the circumstances of the war that they are going through at a time when the attention is high on the Kurdish people and that all the peoples claim support them. “The basis of our strength and our will is to resist the people and stand by The military forceswho are  stationed on the front lines to defend their territories  “

The delegation confirmed during the press conference that the people of Afrin proved to the world that their resistance is stronger than all hostile parties, and valued the resistance of the era shown by the people of Afrin province and their adherence to their land and homeland, and that their resistance is a victory for the four parts of Kurdistan.

As the delegation stressed that the current situation requires the unity of the Kurdish class and support them with all the material and moral possibilities, and put political differences aside due to the sensitivity of the current time, including the attention of the four parts of Kurdistan and their position on what is being exposed to Afrin canton and they are parliamentarians are fully prepared for that, They confirm their support for their brothers in Afrin and break the siege and reach them.

The delegation condemned the international silence and noted that the unity of the Kurdish ranks at this sensitive stage is the most important to face this.

One journalist asked how much support they would provide and said that he would not only be a moral politician but would break the siege and open doors to deliver aid to the people if necessary. They would also lobby the Turkish government to stop the attacks.

The Turkish Consul in Hewler warned any party to support the resistance of Afrin” ANHA” and the answer is that the Kurdistan Parliament is an independent institution and represents all the components of the Assyrian Kurdistan, and according to the laws of the Kurdistan Parliament of 2005 we are obliged to support and support all the cantons of Rojava and North Syria Violations of the Turkish occupation army in violation of international laws, and that all organizations and countries that claim peace, democracy and the protection of human rights must support this resistance.

It is noteworthy that the parliamentary delegation coming from Basur Kurdistan arrived  on Sunday evening to the canton amid large crowds of people and Autonomous Administration to receive them