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After years of suffering, their problem is solved



QAMIŞLO- The eastern Qamişlo municipality in cooperation with Şehîd Judy(Suez Canal) Neighborhood Board launched a campaign of clearing in Jam’aniyeh neighborhood so Jam’aniyeh people’s problem is being solved after years of suffering from bad smells, air pollution and accumulation of livestock waste.QAM-SARADARE-BERSGRIKA-TAXA-GMAYE-CARESERKIR1 ‫(1)‬ ‫‬

After several complaints were delivered by Jam’aniyeh neighborhood’s people to the public municipality in Qamişlo, the municipality interfered and started to solve this problem by clearing the neighborhood completely and allocating two vehicles in order to daily clear the neighborhood’s streets.

The municipality also warned the livestock’s owners of throwing waste and dead animals on the roads and the neighborhood’s streets. Moreover, if anybody violated the hygiene rule, he (the livestock owner) would be orally warned, and if the case repeated, he would be fined and pledge to not throw waste again.

The municipality attempts in cooperation with Şehîd Judy (Suez Canal) Neighborhood Board to solve these problems permanently by determining a program of clearing the neighborhood and monitoring the livestock after clearing the neighborhood.

Hawar news agency’ lens observed how the operation of clearing is ongoing in the neighborhood as the co-chair of the Eastern Qamişlo Municipality Council Sherzad Ibrahim stated that they aim for saving the neighborhood from such a problem in the future. Sherzad Ibrahim also said that after Jam’aniyeh people complained from the accumulation of livestock waste that caused bad smells, we cooperated with Şehîd Judy (Suez Canal) Neighborhood Board, and launched a campaign of clearing that would continue till the neighborhood would be completely cleared.

Ibrahim stated that the neighborhood’s problem was as a result of ignoring the neighborhood since years by the previous systems.

Sherzad Ibrahim demanded people to cooperate with the municipality to avoid this problem, and demanded the livestock owners to comply with these hygiene rules.