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Ahmad calls al-Raqqa people to join the constituent congress

AL-RAQQA- The co-chair of Democratic Syrian Board (MSD) Ilham Ahmad and during the constituent meeting of al-Raqqa Civil Council in Ayn Issa town urged al-Raqqa people to participate effectively in managing their affairs themselves.

After the member of MSD Omar Alloush gave a welcome word, the Preparatory Committee report that contains the importance of forming al-Raqqa Civil Council was read. It also contains the stages that al-Raqqa passed by and the importance of the current stage as the report includes the following:

“Out of a sense of responsibility, we decided to get ready for this stage by forming a preparatory committee to be the nucleus of the Civil Council, and take over the governorate affairs administration”.REQQA-ILHAM EHMED1

The report added “the consultation with all the activities of the society internally and abroad started, and these affords resulted in this meeting that representatives from all over spectra and political, cultural, social activities and specialists for forming a political and civil framework that could achieve the society’s aims in freedom, social justice using a democratic political pluralistic regime based on the coexistence to make Syria generally, and al-Raqqa especially a model to be followed”.

After the report, the co-chair of MSD Ilham Ahmad gave a word and congratulated al-Raqqa Civil Board constitution on all Syrian people especially al-Raqqa people. Ilham Ahmad held the Syrian regime the responsibility of the Syrian situation and the mercenaries’ entry inside Syria and committing massacres against civilians.

Ilham Ahmad assured that people in North of Syrian trust the Democratic Syrian Forces (SDF) for liberating all the areas that suffer IS massacres and oppressions. Ilham also noted that this congress is being held by virtue of SDF sacrifices and al-Raqqa and its villages people supporting them.

Ilham Ahmad called for youths and women to work within this council effectively for liberating youth mentalities from authoritarian perspectives and mentalities.

Ilham Ahmad concluded and assured that they will take a base from the peaceful dialogue and democratic nation for forming a free life in al-Raqqa city.