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Ahmed, Salloum: PYD contributed to building a cooperative policy in this region


GIRKÊ-LEGÊ – The Co-Chair of the Democratic Council of Syria, Ilham Ahmed, said that a democratic, federal Syria would unite the country and prevent its current division. While the Co-chair of the Constituent Council of the North Syria Democratic Federal System, Mansour Salloum, said “the philosophy of leader Abdullah Ocalan was the struggling ship amid the waves and hurricanes of sectarian and ethnic war.MENSUR EL SELUM

The two co-chairs Ilham Ahmed and Mansour Salloum, delivered several speeches at the seventh conference of the Democratic Union Party.

“The Syrian revolution has entered its seventh year, and it is still continuing to deepen day after day as a result of the policies pursued by the arbitrary tyrannical regime and the armed groups that led to wars and power struggles, and has turned the crisis into a third world war taking place on the Syrian soil. “

And added “the Syrian regime and the armed groups are fully responsible for the devastation, destruction and massacres committed in our country, the policies of the regime, which do not accept change at the beginning or now, and maintain the central order, which is run by one party and one side, control the country in an authoritarian way.

Ilham Ahmed referred to the adherence of the Syrian regime and to their authoritarian ideology. While the armed opposition groups complained” regime imposed its centralized and authoritarian ideology while the armed groups that have adopted the regime’s, which cannot accept any solution, and do not accept pluralism, democracy and the process of peaceful change,” she said.ILHAM EHMED

“The Democratic Union Party has been practicing democratic policy from the very beginning and it has managed to reach the north of Syria with a kind of democratic solution, put forward democratic solutions that could lead Syria out of the crisis, and the participation of women and youth in this project that seeks to spread democratic culture in society. “

Ilham Ahmed said the demolition was very easy but it is difficult to build. The democratic system was built with the beginning of the elections, which are the basis for Syria’s transfer to security. This is a difficult stage, PYD also destroyed the extremist ideas and replaced them by participatory democratic life.

The culture that will be cultivated will be a cornerstone for building a free democratic society. This is the basis for building a Syrian federal democracy that will unite all the components. Syria will unite. The regime wants partition. We want a federal democratic Syria.

Ilham concluded “the Democratic Union Party, in partnership with the democratic forces and parties of all components, took this responsibility to transfer the democratic project to the rest of Syria, to build a democratic, federal, free and pluralistic Syria,”

The co-chair of the Constituent Council of the North Syria Democratic Federal System, Mansour Salloum said in his speech that Ocalan was a lifeline for the Syrian people. “The philosophy of Abdullah Ocalan was the ship amid the waves and hurricanes that wanted to lead us to an ethnic and sectarian war. A free and pluralistic life through a system of Democratic Autonomous Administration and then a system of democratic federalism”.

“Yesterday the people said their words in the elections despite the obstacles that were put to confiscate the will of the people, but the will of our people said its word and we are now in maturity and we are not in the stage of guardianship,” Mansour al-Salloum said.

Salloum said “the children of north Syria are the only ones who can chart the path to democracy. We are able of drawing the map of the Middle East. We are striving to build a federal democracy in north Syria. I cannot but pay tribute to our forces in the trenches, the humanitarian people who liberated tens of thousands of civilians, so that some of our heroes lost their lives to save a child or a woman,”

Salloum appealed to spread a culture of tolerance and love. “We represent the will of nations and peoples in north Syria, in the name of all the people of Rojava and north Syria, I appeal to everyone to work with tolerance and love and be an example to follow”.