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Ain Issa camp; a safe shelter for refugees

AIN ISSA- Al-Raqqa Civil Council provided the refugees of Ain Issa camp in Ain Issa district with service and support in spite of its limited capabilities while it started suffering from lack of abilities after the flock of Deir ez-Zor refugees towards it.  EYNISA-REWSA-KOCBERAN-LI-QAMPA-EYNISA (1)

Ain Issa camp for refugees in Ain Issa district in Girê Sipî canton in the Euphrates region has become as a small city which manages itself and has important services and projects including service centers availability, communes’ formation, insuring electricity, water, chances of job and other important projects.

Opening the camp

Due to the necessity of insuring shelters for the refugees, the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) in Girê Sipî cooperated with al-Raqqa Civil Council constructing a camp of 40 hectors total space for refugees in Ain Issa district in Girê Sipî canton in August,2016.     EYNISA-REWSA-KOCBERAN-LI-QAMPA-EYNISA (2)

Most of Ain Issa refugees are from al-Raqqa as they fled IS mercenaries’ practices with the beginning of Wrath of Euphrates campaign that was launched by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to liberate al-Raqqa. Moreover, as Ain Issa Camp has been established, 35 families flocked towards it fleeing IS mercenaries practices, and the number of the refugees increased to thousands of refugees as they were distributed on 1,135 tents.

As al-Jazeera Tempest campaign started in September 9 to liberate Deir ez-Zor countryside, the camp is daily receiving dozens of people of the area and insuring shelters and all service needs for them.EYNISA-REWSA-KOCBERAN-LI-QAMPA-EYNISA (4)

What do the service centers in the camp provide

The camp’s administration formed 52 communes each of them consists of 20 tents and is headed by a head and an assistant,  and the total number of the members is 104 heads and assistants of communes.

The camp also includes sections of employing experts of factories and even doctors aiming at giving the refugees job chances. In addition, the Women House works on discussing and solving all women’s issues.

In addition to that, there are commercial communities in the camp where people of the camp are working in in addition a section of statistics.

The organizations’ role in the campEYNISA-REWSA-KOCBERAN-LI-QAMPA-EYNISA (5)

Some organizations provide the refugees with help; food, furniture, cloths per month, and they are the Euphrates Organization, al-Majiskor Organization and High Commission of Refugees Affairs that supervise the organizations’ providing. Al-Majiskor and the Euphrates Organizations distributed a sum of money of 40,000,000 on the refugees, and UNHCR, ERD, al-Mawada and International Food organizations distribute aids per month.

UNICEF Organization; however, takes care about activating the schools for 2017-2018 year in the camp to insure and provide the school uniforms, school tools in addition to preparing teachers to teach 1700 students.

Services provided to the refugees

The administrative of the camp takes care about preparing food for the refugees per day as a group of refugees prepare food and distribute it on all the refugees.EYNISA-REWSA-KOCBERAN-LI-QAMPA-EYNISA (6)

The campaign also includes a dispensary of Kurdish Red Crescent as it provides the refugees with drugs and medical treatment.

In addition to that, water is being daily distributed on the refugees.

Children’s suffering and pains

“I want to return to my home and play with my friends” by these words,  the child Nour who is at 6 expressed her suffering.

Although the International KOBA Organization for Supporting Children and UNICEF Organization provides the children with help, most of the children in the camp suffer from lack of care and cleaning as they are deprived of their simplest rights. Moreover, the children of the camp call the certain sides to form an amusement center for them to play with each other. EYNISA-REWSA-KOCBERAN-LI-QAMPA-EYNISA (7)

Calling for providing the refugees with support

The administrative in the camp Jalal Ayyaf stated in an interview with Hawar news agency that the number of the refugees towards Ain Issa camp is increasing, and called for the international humanitarian organizations to provide more help and set up tents for the flocking refugees.

Furthermore, the refugees expressed their need for opening medical centers and called for all international organizations to insure winter needs for them.