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Ain Issa camp lacks Wintery aids

AIN ISSA- The refugees in Ain Issa camp lack Wintery needs, so the administration of the camp called for the international organizations to provide the refugees with some of needs, and be responsible for them.DILAL EAF

As Winter is coming, Ain Issa camp in Girê Sipî canton lacks Winter supplies; oil burning heaters, coats, Wintery cloths specialized for children.

Because of the huge flock from Deir ez-Zor amid al-Jazeera Tempest campaign, the number of the refugees doubled 3 times in the camp as the total number of the refugees reached more than 15,000 refugees of al-Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor. Moreover, other new refugees are flocking towards the camp, and in spite of the few possibilities of al-Raqqa Civil Council, a new camp has been formed for the refugees of Deir ez-Zor city by the council, and 400 tents were allocated for them. In addition, the council is working on increasing the number of the tents.   EYNISA-KAMP-WI-BI-amuren-zivistan-heye (2)

The administrative in Ain Issa camp Jalal Ayyaf  said “we are suffering from the lack of aids, and with the coming of Winter, the refugees need a lot of Wintery needs, so the organizations have to provide the camp with support, and take responsibility towards the refugees.

Furthermore, Ayyaf noted that they are suffering from the lack of medical needs, and he concentrated on the need to supplying the tents before Winter in addition to providing special help to the children and old people.