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Ain Issa camp refugees’ situation deteriorated with rains 


AIN ISSA– The refugees’ suffering is increasing a day by day in Ain Issa camp for refugees, especially that Winter approached, and their living conditions have deteriorated as suitable and resistant tents to heavy rains and severe cold are unavailable.

As Winter and rains started in the region, the refugees’ suffering and pains began in tents that are about to be fallen on their heads because of their inability to resist the harsh Winter and storms, and a new journey of death starts slowly as the people of the camp described.

Winter’s coming has compounded the refugees’ suffering and pains

The rains fell on Sunday in Ain Issa and other areas which lasted several hours in a row, created an atmosphere of terror and fear among the refugees of Ain Issa camp as they led to the nomination of most of the camp’s tents for water, and all the home needs of the refugees got watered because of the lack of ready tents to withstand the rains, and due to the ruptures and fatigue experienced by most of the tents inhabited by the refugees..

The residents of the camp, in turn, have expressed their difficult and bad conditions, especially after the heavy rains that the were witnessed on Sunday, and the lack of suitable tents to shelter them from the severe cold that began with the coming of Winter.

The resident also pointed out that their children are suffering from diseases due to the fluctuations in the atmosphere; moreover, the camp is witnessing a severe shortage of health centers and medicines.

“To have a mangled and worn tent would be better to not have any” 

“To have a mangled and worn tent would be better to not have any,” by these words, Fatima Abdullah who has displaced from Deir ez-Zor since a week expressed her situation as she was not able to get a tent to shelter herself and her family that composed of 14 people. Her situation is like the situation of Hundreds of families as they have not got tents yet.

It is worth mentioning  that more than 100 families with a population of 2000 people have not got tents yet while Ain Issa camp is able to include 23 thousand refugees from various regions of Syria.