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Ain Issa children suffering amid fears of diseases


GIRÊ SIPÎ- Ain Issa camp children are suffering from drastic shortage of foodstuff particularly milk amid lack of solutions and increasing fears of diseases spreading in the camp. GIRE SPI-REWSA-KAMPA-EN-ISA-XIRABE-PEDIVIYEN-KOCBERAN-BI-XWARINE-HEYE1 ‫(127926796)‬ ‫‬

Thousands of al-Raqqa and al-Tabqa refuges having flowed to Ain Issa camp, families are suffering as newborn babies are dire need of milk, which is not available.

Hamida al-Hamad, mother of six, noted that they are suffering as there is a drastic shortage of food, al-Hamad said” I have 6 children, there is a shortage in foodstuff and children’s in particular, we do not have any detergents or clothese, hardly escaping the mercenaries, we could not bring anything with us.

Hamida demanded the humanitarian organizations and concerned authorities to lend them a hand and fulfil their children’s needs, al-Hamad also noted that diseases fears are increasing due to lack of milk and daily needs.

Majida al-Ali another refugee, in a mother of a nine-month baby told her suffering as milk is not available for her baby saying” my husband who is 30 does not work, so we cannot afford our baby’s needs”.HEMIDE

Majida called organizations concerned with children’s affairs to head for Ain Issa camp to perceive babies suffering, as families are not able to afford their children’s needs and other daily requirements.

Humanitarian organizations are still turning a blind eye to the refugees suffering despite the deteriorating situation as the number of refugees flowing to the camp is increasing.

Amid poor possibilities, Democratic Autonomous Administration is still making efforts to help refugees, the refugees number reaching 3,000 from Iraqi and Syrian cities, they deprived of any help.