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Ain Issa market …From migration to recovery  


GRÊ SPÎAin Issa market has been established for more than 30 years, and after six years of migration, it has become a center for gathering hundreds of people in the villages around Ain Issa to purchase their needs from the market.EYNISA-BAZARA-EYNISA (8)

Location and importance:

Ain Issa market is located in the western part of the Ain Issa  district, next to al- Hasakah-Aleppo highway and from there to the other Syrian provinces. On the other hand, it is located on the road leading from al- Raqqa to Kobani, Manbij and Grê  Spî.

Ain Isa Market between past and presentEYNISA-BAZARA-EYNISA (7)

The market was established more than 30 years ago, and in 1981 the area had only one grocery store, while the people were buying their needs in that period on the popular market which is still held on one day of the week on Friday.

The Ain Issa market witnessed a peak in prosperity and development since April 2017, following the liberation of Ain Issa from mercenaries, which was encouraged by the People and Women Protection Units and the return of the people to it. The shops are becoming more and more modernized.

The market reduced the suffering of the villagers in the surrounding villagesEYNISA-BAZARA-EYNISA (6)

Both Mohammed Bouzan and Khalid Daoud, shop owners in Ain Issa market, noted that after six years of migration, the market was booming for the time being for the People’s and Women’s Protection Units, which liberated the people from “terrorism” and restored security. And the market is currently witnessing a strong demand by the people in the neighboring villages of the area, which has alleviated their suffering in long distances to access markets.