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Ain Issa women “acknowledging ourselves, we were reborn”


AIN ISSA- The women of Ain Issa district and its countryside expressed their thankfulness to whoever introduced them to the essence of the International Day of Anti-Violence against Women, and they noted that this day has become a day of standing women together against violence and oppression. Moreover, they called for the Syrian Women Council to increase the training courses and the meetings in order to be introduced more and more to their history and reality.

In coincidence with approaching the 24th anniversary of Anti-Violence against Women, the Syrian Women Council and Women House held a series of meetings for all women of the district and its countryside in addition to holding meetings for the women in Ain Issa camp to introduce the women to the Day of Anti-Violence against Women, and how much women are exposed to oppression.

The citizen Marwa Hamedy from al-Haysha village in Ain Issa district expressed her happiness for joining these meetings noting that they, as the women of the area, would stand together to create violence-free society and to retreat their personalities again after they have been looted by IS mercenaries.

The citizen Khansa Ramadan from Ain Issa district thanked the Syrian Women Council for holding the meetings and reviewing their situations in addition to raising their intellectual awareness. Khansa said “by the meetings held for women, we feel as we have been born again as the world has differently viewed at us, and during our remaining under the control of IS mercenaries, the veil and the full head-to-toe niqab were imposed on us, but now and after liberation, life and soul have been returned to us again.

We as Ain Issa women thank all the councils that provide us with support and awareness till we would be liberated from oppression.

While the citizen Najah al-Issa from al-Raqqa city who are residing in Ain Issa camp demanded the Syrian Women Council to hold more meetings to be introduced to their personalities and history in addition to opening Women Council and Women House in al-Raqqa city as soon as possible.