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Aisha Haso: Responding to the Afrin attacks would outweigh Erdogan’s expectations



NEWS DESK – Aisha Haso pointed out that Erdogan is trying to draw the attention of the world about the problems that occur inside Turkey through the attacks on Afrin, and stressed that the response to these attacks would outweigh what Erdogan expects.

Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviewed the Co-chair of Democratic Union party on the attacks of the Turkish occupation army on the Afrin region.

Aisha said in her interview that Erdogan is trying to direct the global attention to the internal problems in Turkey, such as economic, financial and political problems, and the other with the European Union and the people do not accept the internal policy, through the attack on Afrin, adding: “It can be said that the Turkish state is now experiencing a suffocation crisis, and that is why Erdogan is trying to export these problems from the inside out and show itself as a religious and political savior in all countries of the world”.

“Turkey is now floundering, especially after recent developments in North Syria, such as the liberation of several strategic areas such as the so-called capital of IS mercenaries,” said Aisha. “al-Raqqa city was taken as a capital to IS gangs, it was the main card of the Turkish state, which it acted as it wished. In addition to elections which had been held in North Syria, which were crowned with success.”

Aisha pointed out that Turkey has repeatedly tried to intervene in Syrian affairs and turn the Syrian crisis into a sectarian crisis, but with the introduction of the democratic nation project, Turkish attempts were thwarted.

Aisha noted that Erdogan, by all means, was trying to block the project of democratic federalism in North Syria and was openly threatening that he would attack Afrin and claim that he would free it from terrorism. “Any terror speaks, the People’s Protection Units (YPG) that protect Afrin are the nucleus of Syria’s Democratic Forces (SDF), (YPG)were able to prove that they were the only force on the ground and defeated terrorism. Are the forces that protect the people and liberate them from mercenaries are terrorists? Everyone is fully aware of who is the terrorist and who supports terrorism. “

A clear position must be taken by world states

The Co-chair of the Democratic Union Party, Aisha Haso in her speech said that” countries that consider themselves partners in resolving the Syrian crisis must show their position on Erdogan’s occupation practices aimed at obliterating the will of the people who chose the path of freedom and democracy and expensive blood”.

The response to the attacks will outweigh what Erdogan expects

Aisha pointed out that the response to the attacks of the Turkish state would exceed Erdogan’s expectations and his government because the people living in Afrin realized the meaning of free life and became saturated with the line of self-defense, which is considered a legitimate right of the people in the area.

The people in North Syria must unite against Erdogan

The Co-chair of the Democratic Unionist Party Aisha Haso ended her speech calling on the peoples of the North Syria to unite in the face of Erdogan’s attempts to blur the freedom and will of the people.