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Al-Abadi: operation of Mosul liberation has begun

NEWS DESK – Iraqi PM Haydar al-Abadi announced that the operation of liberating Mosul has begun in order to retrieved it from IS gangs.

Al-Abadi said in a word on” al-Iraqiya” which is a semi-official channel, wearing a military suit and surrounded by senior commands of the armed forces” the liberation hour has struck, we declare today that the Mosul operation has started to free it from IS terrorist gangs, by our fighters armed iron will”.

Al-Abadi called Mosul residents to collaborate with the Iraqi forces saying” we are coming to liberate you” asserting that the Iraqi forces are the army and police themselves leading the operation to retrieve Mosul and not any other parties.

Al-Abadi went on” the Iraqi forces has begun shelling IS positions starting from al-Qayyarah, 60 km south of Mosul pointing out” the Iraqi forces are moving and there are others to join the operation soon”.

Al-Abadi also said” there have been many attempts to stop this operation, but they were all repelled repeating the scenario of Fallujah city, in an indication to turkey’s attempts to intervene in this campaign.

The Iraqi government has been getting ready since last May for the liberation of Mosul, mobilizing since then military crowds in attempt to retrieve the city from IS gangs.

Mosul city is 2nd biggest city in Iraq, around 500 km north of Baghdad, it is seized by IS gangs since 2014 and their major stronghold in Iraq.