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Al-Abda from Hewlêr; we asked ‘’Rojava Pêşmerge’’ to enter Ezaz

HEWLÊR- Anas al-Abda the head of the Syrian Coalition visiting Hewlêr along with a delegation of the coalition, said that they asked ‘’Rojava Pêşmerge’’ to participate in the new force established to enter Ezaz.

Al-Abda declared to Rûdaw channel ‘’ we asked for Rojava Pêşmerge forces participation in the new force that will enter Ezaz’’, and pointed out that they called for the entrance of Rojava Pêşmerge associated to the National Kurdish Council to Syria.

It is reported that Rojava Asayîş forces have conducted on May 23 a storming campaign in a number of Dêrik and Amûde villages, and have arrested persons and confiscated some unlicensed arms, but have not declared whether those persons are tied to the so-called Rojava Pêşmerge.

This declaration came after the Turkish Exterior Minister proposed a plan to Washington to launch special co-operations against ISIS in Syria discarding the participation of People Protection Units(YPG) and Syria Democratic Forces(QSD)

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