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Al-Bab citizens: Turkish occupation and ISIS aim to exterminate us



AFRIN- A number of al-Bab citizens that recently reached Afrin stated that the Turkish occupation army bombardment on the area resulted in the destruction of infrastructure and displacement of thousands of civilians from their land. The citizens said “the Turkish occupation and ISIS are striving for the extermination of al-Bab people.

The flowing of refugees continues from al-Bab area towards Afrin canton after they forcibly have been displaced from their land in the result of the battles that al-Bab witnesses in the last period between the Turkish occupation army and the mercenaries of Euphrates Shield on the one hand and the mercenary of ISIS from the other hand, hundreds of civilians have been killed until now as the two sides are using heavy weapons in their battle.

Hawar news agency held interviews with a number of citizens recently displaced from al-Bab city, and reached Afrin canton and they spoke about the Turkish occupation army and ISIS practices against them amid the current battles between the two sides.

The citizen (MS) who preferred anonymity for their parents and relatives are still in the area dominated by the mercenaries. (MS) said ” the battles that are witnessed by al-Bab area between the Turkish occupation army and the mercenaries of ISIS is just a play, while the two attempt to empty the area from its population”.

The refugee added ” The Turkish occupation army and the mercenaries of ISIS are striving for the extermination of al-Bab people as the civilians are those who pay for this interest war between the two sides.

The refugee (RN) who preferred anonymity for the same reason said that life under the mercenary groups’ mercy have become hell because their inhuman practices against civilians and massacres in addition to killing and destruction. (RN) added “the mercenaries were practicing a psychological war against people: high prices and unacceptable rules were imposed “.

The refugee (RN) made it clear that people faced the ugliest kinds of oppression in the area, where many families became the victims of the Turkish occupation army massacres that are supposed to target the mercenaries rather than civilians.

While the refugee (SH,M) stated that the mercenaries were imposing on civilians unacceptable sanctions and rules, and nobody dared to say a word to deter what they were doing as they were stealing and plundering people’s possessions.

The refugee (SH,M) concluded by calling for the organizations of human rights in the world and the democratic powers to intervene and cease the Turkish occupation army and ISIS violations against civilians in al-Bab and liberate their area.