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al- Bagara sheikh: SDF freed us from the clutches of terrorism



DEIR EZ-ZOR– Sheikh Jassim al-Abd al-Hamadeh, one of the sheikhs of al-Bagara clan in Deir ez-Zor city said that the SDF freed them from the clutches of terrorism, and appealed them to continue the liberation campaigns.

This came during an interview with the Hawar news agency correspondent with Jassim al-Hamadeh, a resident of al-Sa’wa village in the east suburb of Deir ez-Zor, where he discussed the acts that the regime forces and IS mercenaries and their maltreatment.

Al-Hamadeh said at the beginning of his speech, “Since 7 years we have been exposed to a catastrophe, because of the crisis that was created in Syria, where the people remained without education and protection, and the health conditions deteriorated, we were killed by the so-called coalition Ahrar al-Sham, also, Jabhet al-Nusra killed a lot of us and then came IS mercenaries, and began to kill and slaughter.”

Al-Hamada confirmed that Deir ez-Zor and its villages have been inaccessible for 7 years. No one has provided them with assistance, and they have been subjected to humiliation by the forces that had taken control of the area.

“When we have to go to Damascus for doctors to be treated because of the lack of specialized doctors under IS control, the military intelligence of the regime forces arrests them on charges that are intended to be used to steal them and take their money and detain us in centers such as Sydnaia and Adra.” My wife and son have been in detention for 11 months for terrorism, because they were forced to live in their territory controlled by IS mercenaries. “

“We saw the vast difference between what we were living and what we did not know about these forces that liberated us. The SDF include all the components of the Syrian people, when the forces liberated us, we did not harm anyone and gave them what they needed.”

“IS mercenaries arrested women on the pretext of Islamic fatwas, but they were far from Islam, IS arrested me twice on charges of belonging to the Shiites, the first time, I stayed for 30 days in prison, the second for 70 days, under beatings and torture. “

“We have perceived in SDF freedom. They have given the people freedom of opinion and expression. They have not prevented anyone from expressing their views. We are people far from politics. We want security and we want to who provide us with protection and all health and educational services for our children. IS deprived us of all of that”.

“We are the people of al- Bagara clan, especially the Syrian people in general. We were not sectarian or divided between an Arab, Kurd, a Muslim or a Christian, but the positions that the capitalist countries brought to the Syrian people got us to this stage.

We ask SDF to continue its march to free the people from the clutches from terrorism and to educate the Syrian people.”

At the end of his speech al-Hamada appealed Syrian people on behalf of al-Bagara clan, to be cohesive and do not differentiate between components.