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Al-Bouasaf clan makes a feast for Ain Issa camp refugee

GIRÊ SIPÎ – Al-Bouasaf clan in Girê Sipî(Tel Abyad) city has made a feast for al-Raqqa refugees residing Ain Issa camp GIRESPI-XWRIN-JI-BO-KOCBERAN2

After the skyrocketing increase in the refugees’ number escaping IS-held regions, Refugees Affairs Committee unable to manage the refugees needs whose number exceeded 35 thousand refugees, Girê Sipî people standing together in their different components have worked on helping refugees giving them food and accommodation.

Al-Bouasaf clan, in a humanitarian initiative, has made a feast in Ali al-Bajiliyaah village 15 km south of Girê Sipî and distributed it as parts to the refugees in Ain Issa camp.

Abaid Khalaf al-Hassan, the Shiekh of al-Bouasaf clan said” this feast is on the honor of our people getting rid of IS”, al-Hassan also assured that the refugees are in dire need of help, much more than a feast due to their big number.

The co-chair of DAA Hamdan al-Abed expressed his deep sorrow at the tragic scene and the refugees’ situation and said” this situation is due to the Daesh terrorism and its supporters; Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia”.